Who We Are

The two founding members of South East Open Source Solutions are:

Tim Small

"I have nearly 15 years of Linux experience, both in the UK, and abroad. My specialities include highly-reliable, and highly-available (HA) systems (whether in the data centre, or embedded control fields); energy-efficient computers, data networking (wired and wireless), and IT security (from risk-assessments, and code auditing to organisational security policies, and staff education).

My published works include this 'HOWTO' for IPMI and Linux, and a couple of device drivers which are part of the Linux EDAC kernel subsystem (e.g. code which is part of the current Linux kernel tree).

Previous speaking engagements have included the UKUUG Linux 2006 Technical Conference, and The 7th International Debian Conference (Debconf 7).

I'm not afraid of wielding a soldering iron, power meter, or the occasional power tool when necessary!"

Tim's personal CV can be found here.

Simon Pither

"I am an experienced developer and systems administrator, having worked with Linux and open source technologies for over a decade. I have designed and implemented large Internet systems with full redundancy and simple mass-machine management, using technologies such as Debian's pre-seeding and Puppet.

My experience also includes significant development, debugging and performance work in Java, PHP and a few other languages.

I played a key part in the planning and delivery of the LGfL Shibboleth project."

Simon's personal CV can be found here.


We have a number of associates that we can draw upon for specific projects as such requirements arise. Depending on your preferences, we are happy to either recommend other individuals, and organisations whom we feel are better suited to particular areas of your project, or handle the full project management ourselves.

We are also associate members of the Open Source Consortium.