What We Do

South East Open Source Solutions provide IT services, principally focussed on Open Source software. If you're not sure what Open Source is, here is a good overview, provided by the UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology.

SEOSS take on project work ranging from a couple of person-hours to several person-months in duration. Here are some examples of the sort of work we undertake:

  • Bespoke Software - From desktop, to web, to embedded programming, our broad and deep knowledge let us deliver the right solution for your business's needs.
  • Performance Tuning, and Optimisation - Our in-depth knowledge across the fields of computer hardware, operating system design, network technologies, and software development lets us pin-point, and fix your software's performance bottle-necks, fast!
  • Linux System Administration - If you have a system emergency and need support at short notice, we can help. Do you have an on-going, or one-off requirement for additional system administration resources? No problem! Our extensive experience in creating, and managing systems which range from the small to the really-rather-large means that we are able to identify opportunities for improvement to your current status-quo. Why not let us cut your costs by utilising our knowledge to provide your business with 3rd-line support, strategic planning services, and technical training for your current staff?
  • Routers, Firewalls and Load Balancers - From multiple, redundant routers taking multiple BGP feeds in a busy data centre down to a single office firewall; we can select, configure and maintain the right systems for you.
  • Linux Device Drivers - We have experience of creating and modifying Linux kernel device drivers for various device types, including:

    Unlike some software engineers, we understand hardware, and know one end of a DVM from the other!

  • Linux Technical Training - With staff who have delivered lectures at international conferences, we're as comfortable in front of a room full of developers, as we are in front of a keyboard. Examples of the types of training we can provide include:
    • Embedded Linux training, and tutorials for experienced software developers.
    • Security training for developers - common security pitfalls for application developers, and Linux-specific security features, and infrastructure.
    • Linux training for developers and system administrators - whether your existing developers and system administrators come from a UNIX, Windows, or RTOS background, we can give the the additional Linux-specific knowledge that they will need to get them working productively with Linux, fast!