South East Open Source Solutions

Web Application Development - Performance Troubleshooting - Green IT

Web Application Development

We create and manage web applications.

We are developers and we truly understand systems.

We'll take your ideas, wireframes or designs and turn them into a fully working, hosted and managed web application.

Your new application will be scaled as you need, to serve anything from just your team to millions of pages a month.

Performance Troubleshooting

We provide full stack investigation and resolution services for any performance related problems built using open source systems.

Whether you know the problem is in your database, in your code or just somewhere in your cloud! We will monitor, investigate and dig into the depths of your systems using our expert knowledge and experience to quickly identify problems.

Green IT

Could your IT systems be using less electricity, helping the environment and saving you money?

We can find and help you pinpoint and implement the biggest savings quickly.

From virtualization and clouds to power saving components and automatically turning off unused equipment. We can demonstrate the savings available and help you achieve them.

Further information on Tim's article in the January 2015 issue of the journal of the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) can be found here.

Simon Pither

Simon has been a developer and systems administrator for over 15 years, working extensively with Linux and open source technologies.

Simon has designed and implemented many clustered internet systems with full redundancy and specialises in troubleshooting and performance tuning aspects of production deployments.

Tim Small

Tim has over 20 years of Linux and open source experience.

Tim's specialities include highly-reliable, and highly-available (HA) systems (in both the data centre and embedded control fields); energy efficiency, data networking (wired and wireless), and IT security (including risk-assessments, code auditing, organisational security policies, and staff education).

He has contributed code to a number of Open Source projects, including the Linux kernel.

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